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tesla mech


Remy is a self-taught engineer who is known for her nanorepair bots that she created with a stroke of good luck and timing. What had happened was, she was crafting a machine that could work not only as a backpack but double as a stove top. However, when she tried turning on the stove top part, a fire broke out and started to burn her surroundings. The workbench next to her had these little nanobots (which she created and prototyped a year ago) lying around, but couldn't get working. Luckily, the nanobots that were touched by the flames started to turn their gears and start working, giving Remy a boost of energy that allowed her to run out of the garage in time. She realized then that the nanobots could be sparked by a flame to work, and tweaked them so that they could be activated by breathing (heat) onto them. She wants to get her revenge on the gov't that killed her cat, as simple as that.

Al's full name is Alexander, named after Alexander the Great. His parents always believed he'd go forth and conquer the wild west (aka the outskirts) and envisioned their son to live life to the fullest. Even though Al can be a bit demanding at times and acts like he's the boss, he has a soft spot for food, especially a nice hot bowl of soup,  and can be convinced on any matter with some homemade broccoli soup (he's actually vegetarian). Al has a trusty steed named Nobi, who revs up his hypercharge ability. Al became part of the rebel group when his parents were kidnapped by the gov't and are still nowhere to be found. He wants to go to the tower to find his parents and bring them back.

There are 3 rebel pilots who each have their own mission they want to accomplish by defeating the facist gov't. They work together to defeat enemies in the outskirts, then the city, and then finally the big bad boss inside the tower. the facist gov't is also known as the north american coalition (nac) and is run by sentient mechs. these sentient mechs in turn created non-sentient mechs to serve them, but then some of those mechs became sentient.  The scene starts with the rebels stealing, ahem, retrieving some non-sentient mechs from the nac in order to pilot them. 

KURT comes from a family of KURT mechs, which were mechs made to serve the facist gov't and were programmed to be gentlemanly and courteous, mainly serving as a butler robot to gov't officials. KURT2 was the second mech ever created in the line of KURTs and became sentient when KURT1 went missing. It turned out that KURT1 was not missing, but in fact "dead", thrown away into the abyss because it questioned one of the gov't officials during an important meeting. Since then, KURT2 gained the shade ability and escaped the tower and is trying to gather other turned sentient AI (also humans) to fight against the gov't. KURT2 believes that KURT1 can be revived once the gov't is defeated and clings onto that hope.

robo pew pew gov't bad is a 2d roguelike game developed in unity. all characters showcased below, except for tesla mech, were created and animated by me in clip studio paint and/or procreate (it was my first time trying out pixel art, sorry if some of it looks weird!). i implemented the game UI and created the dialogue system as well as the character stories. i worked on this as part of a school project with 2 other members. if you're interested in the code feel free to check out my github (on the bottom of the page)!